PTA Global Mentorships: Level 1 / Level 2 image by PT Academy

  • PTA Global Mentorship Level 1

    This event will not only change your career — it’ll change your life. Click here to see this year’s schedule 

    • Who is it For: Personal trainers who want to develop a deep-level understanding and application of PTA Global’s Systems, Sciences and Tools.
    • Length: 2-Day, live-intensive Experience
    • Location: The beautiful Bali Komune Resort for 2016. Past locations include Dubai, Queenstown, Noosa and USA.
    • CECs: 12 CECs for Online pre-requisite course PTA Global Bridging Course, which is included in the price. 10 CECs for face-to-face Mentorship workshop.

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  • PTA Global Mentorship Level 2

    During Mentorship Level 2, we build on what you learned in Level 1. You will:

    • Develop skills to become a master of observing physical, emotional and lifestyle readiness for each client session
    • Be introduced to a simple and effective screening system with the MOVE analysis
    • Delve deeper into functional biomechanics and myofascial anatomy
    • Learn the importance of recovery and regeneration in modern training.

    Please note: The PTA Global Advanced Course  (online, included in the price) is a pre-requisite for attending Mentorship Level 2. You may begin the Advanced course at any time. Advanced holds 9 CECs. 

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Vanessa Leone Vanessa Leone, Movement Therapist

Mentorship has been the single biggest influencer in my PT career. The skills I have learned have carried across to all aspects of my life and the people I have met have become lifelong friends. After attending both mentorships I am now on my way to becoming a faculty member of this global brand and I couldn't be happier. All of the posts and discussions on our community Facebook group show me how well everyone is doing and I love how we share our great success stories. I love being a part of this community

Kenny Manson Kenny Manson, Performance Coach

If you're thinking of doing any of the PTA Mentorships then I couldn't recommend them enough to you, irrespective of where you are in your career. I am still, almost a year on, developing my daily practice from a combination of what I learnt on the Mentorships, integrating and applying this with a greater appreciation of where my clients are ready to be met. On a personal level not only do I feel part of the PTA community but through the friendships forged on the Mentorships that I have a family down under as well. My experience from the Mentorships was an incredible one. Yours will be too.