We are quickly approaching the end of 2019. As we hurtle toward New Year, most people will begin planning their New Year’s resolutions. Improving personal fitness and adopting a healthier lifestyle are by far the most popular resolutions. As a personal trainer, you should prepare for the sudden demand for personal training services by looking toward 2020’s top 10 fitness trends.

1. Wearable Fitness Technology

Wearable tech sales are expected to double by the end of next year. These devices are making easier than ever before to keep track of one’s fitness goals. It is expected that they will become a significant part of people’s workout routines in 2020.

2. Digital On-Demand Fitness

At-home streaming services will no longer just be for sedentary entertainment. Fitness coach Jen Tallman claims: “You’ll keep seeing more group fitness online classes and more fitness apps”. Fitness enthusiasts will now have the option for high quality classes from the comfort of their homes.

3. High Tech At Home Fitness Devices

Technology continues to impact our households and we will see an increase in at home fitness devices. A great example of this is Mirror. This device is just what its name implies: a mirror that users can stand in front of, follow along with a workout video displayed on its surface, and simultaneously view themselves for immediate feedback.

4. High Interval Training

As our schedules get busier and our free time more precious, people will be looking for shorter workouts with high results. High-intensity, low-impact training (HIIT) is expected to be a popular choice. It provides the same vigor of traditional interval training while reducing the strain put on the individuals body. Trainers should be prepared suggest HIIT workout routines to clients in the upcoming year.

5. Personalised Fitness

2020 will be about creating personalised fitness plans for individual clients. This will involve spending time with patrons to evaluate their initial fitness level, discussing their fitness goals, and creating the appropriate plan to achieve success. This is a great opportunity to develop client relationships and ultimately improve the success rate for reaching their goals. Learn more about our Personalised Health and Movement Coach Immersive.


6. Fitness Apps/On The Go Fitness

We cannot discuss 2020 trends without mentioning upcoming mobile apps. You may have one client looking for an app that focuses on assisting with meal prep, one looking for a food database, and another wanting a choice of various fitness routines. Luckily, there are exciting options we can anticipate that will be available on both iOS and Android devices. 2020 will have an app for all your customers and they will be looking for expert recommendations.

7. Emphasis On Sleep

Fitness is quickly becoming more and more synonymous with overall well-being. Besides making sure we are eating healthy and incorporating the correct amount of exercise time in people’s daily routines, proper sleep will also be a major factor in 2020 fitness trends. Trainers should be prepared to make recommendations on sleeping apps and mattresses for clients looking to get a good night’s sleep.

8. Fitness Programs For Older Age Groups

The population’s age has steadily increased over the years. With this comes a larger amount of seniors looking for fitness programs tailored to their needs and age group. Studies have shown that elderly people who participate in regular fitness can extend their life expectancy by 10 years. As a trainer looking at the 2020 trends, consider specializing in senior fitness and tayloring your customer market to this expanding age demographic.

9. Group Classes

Fitness in 2020 will be about more than getting in shape; it will also emphasize socializing and meeting people with similar interests. Group training and classes are expected to be on the rise next year. This offers significant possibilities as personal trainers. You can consider creating offering group discounts or team activities for people looking to engage with others. Not only does this open the door to more variety, it also will allow you to take on a larger client base.

10. Working out for Well-Being Instead of Fitness

In 2020, people will not just be focused on getting ready for swimsuit season. They will be looking to improve their overall wellbeing. Matthew Knippen, CEO of Charge Running, believe “ fitness will become more about what it does for your mind and body”. Be ready for 2020 clients looking for a universal fitness program for their daily lives.

2020 is lining up to be a fantastic year for fitness and personal training. There are many areas to take advantage of and expand on what you can offer to your clients. You can develop your brand as the ultimate one-on-one trainer who specializes in integrating new technologies with your clients. You may be great at interacting in social settings and specialize in group classes in senior communities. Or you could be the trainer that takes the holistic approach and finds the perfect fitness, sleep, and nutrition plan for your clients’ needs.

Whatever you choose, get ready for 2020’s top fitness trends and find your niche!




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