Congratulations! You’ve completed all the necessary requirements and have now earned the title of Certified Personal Trainer! You’re wide-eyed and eager to get your business started, but you have just one small problem — you need clients!

Above all else, you need to make people aware of what you have to offer them. It can be challenging, since you are only a rookie and some clients might not know what you’re all about. Check out this ultimate guide to building your client base from the ground up and running a successful personal training business.

Use the power of social media for quick and easy advertising

With everyone sharing statuses on their Facebook newsfeeds and tweeting about the latest happenings on Twitter, it is easy to establish a strong presence on any social media platform. Creating a business page or profile not only helps you to increase exposure to your services but also gives you the ability to network with others in your field for support and advice. If you have the budget to take it a step further, Facebook ads work great for getting the word out in a quick and easy way.

By connecting your page with a Facebook marketing expert, you can create a fun and exciting ad graphic and tailor them to a specific client base like new moms looking to get back in shape, senior citizen fitness, and so on. The opportunities are endless! Additionally, having some themed posts on your page (healthy recipes and fun workout tips, for example) encourages engagement from followers.

Become a Blogger

Almost everything out there has a blog about it, so why not create a blog about being a personal trainer and fitness in general? Immersing yourself in the blogging world can allow you to generate content that is worth sharing with others and also gives an open door into a particular niche you can use to your advantage to get clients.

If posting daily or weekly to your blog doesn’t fit into your schedule, take a look at some prominent personal training and fitness websites out there and write a post as a guest contributor. Websites like and are always looking for content.

Connect yourself to your neighborhood

Sometimes, the best marketing is simple word of mouth. The best way to achieve that is to speak up about yourself! Attend events in your neighborhood, like community fairs, health and wellness expos, and concerts to network with new people and discover their personal training needs.

Setting up a vendor table with some freebies and tangible information is perfect to draw in perspective clients and give them something they can remember you by. If you’re in a smaller area that doesn’t have community events, connecting with local businesses like a deli, grocery store or even healthcare professionals in the area ia a great way to connect with clients in a variety of different markets.

Get yourself a business card or flyer that you can leave behind at these businesses so they have something to provide their customers with to advertise your personal training services.

Expand Your Knowledge

It’s time to hit the books! Taking a look at some continuing education courses at your local college or online courses for your own convenience are perfect to expand what you know about the personal training industry as well as offer new and trending services to your clients. Programs like PT Academy offer various continuing education courses and diploma programs with exciting topics like suspension training, indoor cycling, and business skills just to name a few.

The more services you learn, the more variety you can offer clients. Some continuing education courses also offer a certificate at the completion of a course that’s perfect to add to a bio on a website or a resume. This establishes more credibility of your services to prospective clients.




Don’t let any lead become a distant memory

Remember that lady you met at the supermarket that told you she was looking for training to increase mobility for a shoulder injury? What happened to that? How about your colleague who was looking to get in shape before his wedding? Did you ask him when he wanted to start? Following up with every lead you receive is extremely important to building your client as well as referral base.

Get the contact information for every lead and send out periodic check-ins. This can be a text to ask how they are regarding their personal training goals, a weekly email blast with tips on staying in shape or scheduling a free session with them so the client can see what your services can do for them. Maintaining these relationships is what will lead to greater client satisfaction and more clients referring their family and friends to you. The more, the merrier!

By following these simple tips, you can easily take your client base from zilch to millions. Always remember to stay true to yourself, create connections with clients and never give up on your dreams. You got this!




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