Have you ever been away on holiday for a decent duration and came back carrying a few extra kgs? Were you just a little shocked about how much mass you managed to obtain whilst holidaying?

You know you’ll eat things and justify it because “you’re on holiday”. Not only will you eat things you usually wouldn’t, you’ll consume vast quantities of it, “because you’re on holiday”. The other variable here is your training regime will change or as is sometimes the case, come crashing to grinding halt because “you’re on holiday”. It’s funny, isn’t it? As a Personal Trainer, you work super hard on your health to look fantastic while you’re away and then by the time you come back, your a little embarrassed to rip the shirt off or don the bikini. Sometimes we’ve also forgotten about the sun and we come various shades of red as well.

Stay On Track

Here’s the thing, when you’re on holiday you should enjoy your food. Why not eat things that are normally forbidden? And yes, if you’re holidaying for rest, your body might actually appreciate some time off or a variance in exercise. Let’s take a look at ways we can stop the wheels from completely falling off. I can recall an amazing holiday, the longest one I have ever been on in a foreign country (The US and Canada of course) and I am happy to say that I managed to keep in ok condition.  Upon my return, I was by no means ready to pull the fake tan out and lather myself into bodybuilding competition dark, rip off the shirt, don the ‘budgie smugglers’ and pump out a back and double biceps… (quarter turn to the right – the bodybuilders will get that). But the wheels didn’t fall completely off. Here are the strategies my lovely girlfriend and I employed to help reduce the impact of the holiday on our body shape.

Walk! Walk! Walk by phentermine !

We walked all over the place. We even did a walking tour of New York! That was a really great way to see the sights and explore the area. The health benefits of movement and walking are well known so why not include them on your holiday.

One Day Harder Training, One Day Easier

Here’s something we should be doing all the time anyway, however, the ‘hard training day’ didn’t mean ‘max efforts’ or WOD’s. It was just a more traditional (whatever that means for you) ‘exercise’ type of session that mimics what your normal strength routine.  Mimic, is the optimal word here. It doesn’t have to be the exact program. We used the TRX Suspension and TRX Rip Trainers quite a lot, as they’re portable and very effective. The easier day could be the walking tour or find a park in your area and explore that. If you choose the Grouse Grind in Vancouver, put that down as a hard day!

Reduce Travel Fatigue

Have you ever seen a couple of people roll out yoga mats in a quiet corner of the airport? No, well neither had I. Until we did it, I have to say it really helped. One, it broke up the monotony of sitting in the airport and, two, it was nice to do some gentle movement and breathing. Yes, we got some funny looks, but we also got a lot of people looking and thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

yoga at the airport


Ok, this is a big component. The first thing we found that worked for us was that we only had two meals a day. That way we could be a little more ‘liberal’ when we did eat. We didn’t go out of our way to consume utter trash but we did consume treats that we wouldn’t normally. Things like cheese on toast or the odd croissant. We also did two intermittent fasts a week. We do that regularly anyway, it felt good to maintain while we were away.

After my experience, I always share these tips with my clients to keep them on track when they go on holidays. It doesn’t have to be overly difficult; it just needs to be SOMETHING making it easier to jump back in when they return.

Bon, voyage!