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Investing in your skills is the key to personal and business growth as a Personal Trainer. Expanding your knowledge allows you to work with a greater variety of clients and earn more. Anytime Fitness has partnered with PT Academy to bring you education that will empower and inspire you while boosting your confidence.

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Effective Movement Training (EMT)

Effective Movement Training Courses for Anytime Personal Trainers

EMT offers multiple pathways for exercise prescription and provides practical tools to assess and train the body using myofascial lines, making your approach to personal training simple, effective, different, and fun. The EMT course also provides practical solutions on the key issue of client behaviour change and gives you easy access to the video library containing all EMT exercises and theory as well as sample programs to assist your client session planning.

Both online and in-person workshops are available.

What does the course include?

What this course will give you:

TRX Suspension Training (STC)

TRX Suspension Training Courses for Anytime Personal Trainers

Learn the correct way to train with the TRX Suspension Trainer for both yourself and your clients. Born out of a necessity to train by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, this versatile piece of training equipment is now used worldwide to deliver functional training for mobility through to athletes.

TRX suspension training is designed by fitness experts for fitness professionals who want the tools to train clients in any setting. It is a versatile and portable fitness solution that can prove a challenge for even the best-trained trainers and clients alike.

The TRX Suspension Training Course (TRX STC) gives you the tools and techniques to train with the TRX Suspension Trainer safely and effectively.You’ll learn functional training principles and a variety of exercises and movement-based training ideas to adapt to use with all levels of clients.

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Both online and in-person workshops are available.

What does the course include?

What this course will give you:

Trigger Point Performance (MCT)

Trigger Point Performance for Anytime Personal Trainers

Trigger Point Performance CEC courses teach you how to administer muscle manipulations designed to improve mobility and muscle elasticity – and therefore, performance.

Take your knowledge beyond foam rolling! There are many health benefits of trigger point therapy, such as reducing injuries, increasing natural movement, and increasing mobility. It can relieve joint and muscle pains and noticeably improve flexibility. It is an empowering and rewarding therapy training form that can be scaled to all fitness levels and group sizes.

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Trigger point performance myofascial techniques (MCT)

This Trigger Point course specialises in learning techniques to increase mobility, improve performance, and muscle elasticity with an overall improvement in biomechanics. You will leave this course with intuitive and thorough knowledge of how to use and teach MCT to increase performance. You’ll get results that your clients will take notice of in your sessions.

What does the course include?

What this course will give you:

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