Are you ready to get  your CIII and CIV in Fitness?

In September this year, the Education Department endorsed a new government Training Package for Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness. The ‘training package’ outlines what new personal trainers should be taught and how they are taught. And boy, has it changed!

I expect that not many Fitness Professionals were even aware of this, but it’s an important aspect of our industry that gets overlooked. You only need to spend five mins on your Facebook or Instagram account to see too many examples of the downsides of our industry!

Is this state of affairs the long-term effect of too many voices all clamouring for a piece of the multi-billion dollar ‘fitness industry’ pie? Or does it start from the bottom up, with the education provided and therefore the knowledge level of trainers out there? It certainly leaves many trainers and clients confused and disillusioned. 

The answer is not clear and fault certainly lies at both ends. Regardless, our clients are feeling the consequences.

I’ve read the new Training Package, and as a Personal Trainer, I am excited at the potential the new courses offer. In quick summary, the workload requirements, understanding and industry experience are much greater than in previous versions, so already, trainers just starting their fitness career will be better equipped. It’s designed to regain respect for what has previously been deemed a ‘quick and easy’ career to start.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re passionate about the industry and where it’s heading. Some PTs may benefit from the poor performance of others, but overall, this negatively impacts how our industry is perceived.

In the past five years, fitness employment has risen by 37% and is not slowing down. Our friends, families and communities are relying on us – now more than ever – to provide them with a safe and healthy service.

The Health and Fitness Industry has been crying out for serious changes to the education provided to new graduates and finally, we are seeing some of those changes. Now, the emphasis falls on us as education providers to do the new requirements justice.

Over the next five months here at Personal Training Academy we are building our new courses for CIII & CIV. I am honoured to be involved in this process and have great expectations of what the end result will do for those new graduates coming through the system in the next few years.

We pride ourselves on the education we deliver and the level of graduate that we produce. We know that our Systems, Sciences and Tools are unique in the Australian fitness landscape and provide a simple and effective way to practically apply the right service for any client.

We’d be keen to hear your thoughts on how the education for new Personal Trainers can improve based on your experience out in the industry. What were some valuable lessons you learned that could help others?

Chris Price

Education Coordinator