At PT Academy, we are always chasing the next big thing in fitness, and right now, it’s podcasts! No, we are not suggesting you skip your exercise routine to listen to a podcast, but we do want to encourage you to enjoy some of the amazing health and fitness content out there, perhaps during your next leg day? Regardless of where you like to enjoy your podcasts, check out one of these awesome and motivational fitness podcasts to help keep your 2020 going strong:

Low Tox Life

Low Tox Life was created in 2009 by Alexx Stuart after the birth of her son. After years of eating processed foods, slathering on cosmetics, and relying on a constant stream of as-needed medicines to keep indigestion, pain from PCOS, migraines, and other daily ailments at bay, Alexx wanted to make a change. Alexx took the plunge and began to read everything she could get her hands on regarding the chemical industry, food systems, cosmetics, household products, and so on.

In her podcast, Low Tox Life, Alexx shares insights from her years of experience to help others reach their goals of living low tox lifestyles. Wanting the best for both the planet and its inhabitants, Low Tox Life offers tons of information to make the transition easier. Discover healthy recipes, listen to interviews with holistic experts, and get inspired to take a holistic approach to your life.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

From the mind of Ben Greenfield comes the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast. Ben Greenfield began his fitness career at 16 after graduating early from high school and attending college where he played singles and doubles for the University of Idaho’s men’s tennis team. During his four years in college, Ben participated in an impressive number of activities, working as a personal trainer, nutritionist, spinning instructor, personal trainer, and strength and condition coach all while maintaining a 4.0 in advanced science courses. Despite being accepted to eight medical schools, Ben harnessed his love of exercise and fitness by opting for a Masters Program in exercise physiology and biomechanics.

Upon graduating, Ben took the fitness world by storm, partnering with physicians and fellow personal trainers to open gyms, personal training studios, and biomechanics labs. The hard work paid off, and by 2008, Ben would be voted America’s #1 personal trainer. Ben has now coached some of the world’s most successful CEOs, celebrities, and professional athletes, helping them to harness their physical power. In his podcast, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Ben brings his depth of knowledge and years of professional experience to the people. Whether you want to start working out and harnessing your strength or are simply interested in learning from one of the world’s top exercise and nutrition experts, this podcast has what you need.


Hurdle is a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of individuals who have overcome a hurdle in their lives by incorporating health and wellness into their routines. Life is a struggle, and people face constant mental, physical, and societal pressures each and every day that prevent them from living the lives they want to live. In the Hurdle podcast, Emily Abbate talks with some of the world’s most inspirational people about how they overcame a hurdle with the help of juicing, meditation, running, healthy eating, and so on.

Emily is a writer and exercise fanatic with credits in such publications as Glamour and Esquire, a New Yorker, and someone who has undergone her own health, wellness, and weight loss journey. Basing Hurdle around the idea that everyone has a story to tell and a lesson to share. Listening to Hurdle, you can discover stories of people overcoming the odds, re-inventing their lives, and learning to live more happily through health and wellness.

The Mindful Kind

An instant success, topping the Australian podcast charts only one month after its release, The Mindful Kind is a mindfulness podcast hosted by Rachael Kable. Passionate about mindfulness, stress relief, and living simply, Rachel began The Mindful Kind in 2015 to share personal stories and inspiration with her followers. Rachel began her career with a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Certificate in Coaching and counseling. Having worked closely with sufferers of anxiety and experiencing anxiety herself, Rachel knew there was a need for a better way for people to manage their stress.

“Genuine, down to earth, and encouraging,” The Mindful Kind has become a massive hit, reaching 4 million downloads in 2019. Rachel’s work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha, The New York Times, and many other publications, and was the recipient of the Bupa Wellbeing Award in 2017. Featuring more than 200 episodes dedicated to mindfulness and stress-free living, The Mindful Kind offers listeners a chance to free themselves of tension and go forth with confidence.

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