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Over the period 22 – 24 August, PT Academy and some of our industry education partners QPEC and Australian Institute of Kettlebells (AIK) were involved in four fantastic Continuing Education Credit (CEC) courses. It was a very busy schedule for myself being involved in three of those courses in two different states.

TRX GSTC Melbourne 22 Aug with super coaches Krista and Daisy
TRX GSTC Melbourne 22 Aug with super coaches Krista and Daisy

The first course was in Sydney. A continuing education E-learning platform practical day for PT Academy friends Fitness Faktor (yes, I know I misspelled it – but that’s how they spell it, click the link ;D), and specifically the Anytime Fitness coaches within that organisation. This was a day full full of learning and “ah-ha” moments for some newer coaches to the industry. We covered topics to help the guys use fitness tools in ways they’ve not been exposed to. We covered; Program design, Dumbbells, Medicine balls, Kettlebells and Resistance bands and Cable Pulley Machines.

Whilst this was occurring in Sydney, some Melbourne based coaches were treated to a special -treat-…they had two Master Instructors for their TRX GSTC, Krista and Daisy (Daisy is the little white dog in the picture). This was Daisy’s 1st ever attempt at coaching a TRX course and by all the feedback we’ve received, she was brilliant. Her knowledge and ability to keep the group focused on the course content was second to none. Krista also did very well. Inspiring the newly qualified coaches to use the TRX Suspension Trainer not just well but, exceptionally well.

ViPR training PT Academy
ViPR Melbourne 23 August

Saturday saw me take one of the courses that set me off on the education facilitation pathway. ViPR. I love teaching this course. This course is often a lot of trainers first introduction to the concept of “Loaded Movement”. A term that is used to describe how we can mimic daily motion and place an external load to it more authentically than traditional resistance techniques. There are now a few courses that look at this, ViPR, SandBells, IOM and PTA Global education all look at motion and the forces that the body has to deal with in motion.

Sunday was a course on a very popular tool in the industry at the moment. Kettlebells. I had the pleasure of taking a large and diverse group through the level two course for the AIK. It is great to see such a large number of coaches taking the time to learn how to use this tool more correctly. As I’m sure you’ve seen on gym floors everywhere there is often some questionable usage of Kettlebells. So these guys should congratulate themselves on taking the time to look at how to incorporate this tool into their training methodology. One of the big takeaways of this course when I teach it is, that not every Kettlebell movement is for every client.

Personal Training Academy
ViPR Melbourne 23 August


For more info on online content and TRX courses visit www.ptacademy.edu.au

For more info on ViPR courses visit www.qpec.com.au

For more info on Kettlebell courses visit www.kettlebellinstitute.com.au

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