Do you want to become an international fitness presenter and world-class communicator?

When you think of people who possess and exercise the power to uplift others and affect change, what do they have in common? No matter who you think of, without question, the most powerful, influential and effective people in the world are the best communicators in the world.

Come to this special one-off PT Academy event in beautiful Noosa, Queensland on 15th and 16th September, 2014 and learn from one of the most dynamic presenters in the world how you can become an effective agent of influence.

This event is for individuals wishing to develop world-class communication skills to lead, inspire and help to develop others.  You will receive cutting-edge information and training that is simply not offered anywhere else in the fitness industry.  As you go through the process, you will witness your own transformation into one of the most compelling leaders in the fitness industry.

The course is presented by Bobby Cappuccio, one of the co-founders of PTA Global. He has been the keynote speaker for many world class events including CAN FIT PRO Whistler, the Perform Better Summit, PT on the Net’s Meeting of the Minds (where 19 of the world’s best educators come together to share their new thoughts) and many others. Bobby has presented to more trainers globally than almost any entity in the industry and is regularly used by clubs to consult on “why people do the things they do.”

Contact PT Academy on 1300 556 540 for more information.

PT Academy in Noosa, Queensland

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