Bodyweight training: the most valuable base!

It’s amazing when you think about the evolution of the fitness industry – it’s been gradually doing a full circle back to where it started.

From the early health movement of calisthenics training in the 1920s to bodybuilding with Arnold in the 1970s to now, we can see a clear trajectory from bodyweight training to added resistance training and now back to bodyweight training!

With our understanding of the human body steadily increasing, one simple point is becoming clear: It makes sense to be able to freely MOVE your body BEFORE you start pushing added loads.

This simple point was overlooked for decades and likely resulted in injury for lots of people who wanted to look like Arnold! The current thinking goes more like this: 1) gain mobility and get really proficient at moving your own body around; then 2) you’ll have an excellent foundation from which to start pushing some heavy weights.

This is where the TRX Suspension Trainer really comes into its own. Invented by Randy Hetrick during his time in the US Navy Seals, it allows you to leverage your own body weight and gravity to do hundreds of exercises. It’s very common for people to begin using the TRX for a few months and to report back that their traditional lifts have all increased! You become more efficient at using your entire body for movements, which is the way the body likes to move.

Come to our Wellington TRX course on 5 September or our Auckland TRX course on 7 September to see what a difference TRX can make to your own training!

Bodyweight TRX Training in New Zealand

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