This is the first instalment of a groundbreaking series designed to give Personal Trainers tools, tips to crack the conversion client code.  You will gain insights into how your own mind can act as your frenemy and block your ability to connect with potential clients.

Hacking in the true sense of the word means you have broken through firewalls and secretly cracked the code to some deep dark secrets.  Collecting important information that you would normally not have access to.

Being brave enough to follow a path that leads you into unknown territory and as you travel down these paths you are encouraged by some of these small snippets of data that start to appear giving you the motivation and courage to continue.

Your nerves are racing your pulse is getting quicker and you’re deciding whether to stop or continue.  The “What If’s” start to bounce around in your mind making it difficult at times to continue.

The brave continues and the weaker submit and turn back…

You may ask, “How does this have anything to do with being a PT?”

Well, it’s this simple…

When you went into this business you went in with the number one objective to help people become a better version of themselves.  You were determined to help health and wellness integrate into a client ’s lifestyle so they too can take on the challenges of this crazy thing called life.

Then the realisation hits:

You need to speak to people you don’t know (eek)

Not only do you need to speak to them, you need to create an emotional connection so that you start to build a relationship so that you can ask for $ (double eek).

Essentially trying to crack their code so that trust can be established.

“Who are they?”  “What makes them act the way they do?”  “How on earth am I going to find out their deepest darkest secrets so that I can help them.”

“How am I going to push past my fears, my mind can be my friend or my enemy which will I choose today, right now at this moment?.”

My fear of:

  • Asking for money
  • Being rejected
  • Saying the “wrong” things
  • What if they don’t like me
  • What if think I’m going to try and sell them something…

And that is just to name a few…

All this and you haven’t even said hello yet….

Here is where you will be tempted to stop and not keep going.  Where a safer 9-5 job might be a better option.  The internal dialogue is ramping up and your passion for the job no longer feels like it can carry you anymore.

This is where you need to put on the bravest version of yourself on and push through the difficult moments.  The reality is it is only really just a moment and you can push through it.

Client Conversion hacker Tip #1

When your pulse starts to race and you’re unsure of what to say

Get out of the head and step into your heart

Identify the internal dialogue and write it down.

Replace that with an empowered statement, one that reminds you of why you are in this game.

Remember your mind can only hold one thought at a time, you need to decide which one you will hold onto.

Until next time Health & Wellness Geeks…

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