By Camilla Aryton

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt absolutely pumped to be there? Excited to get moving and be a part of it? By creating a positive atmosphere and genuinely fun place to work out, the environment will have a kind of “buzz” about it.

I have, thankfully, been part of a place like this and one thing that I can attribute this motivating atmosphere to is the people who worked there.

So, how did they build an environment for both clients and staff that was fun, positive and motivating? They followed the PTA Global ethos, explained below:


As a trainer or a member of staff working within a fitness establishment it’s necessary to not only know your company’s desires and goals, but also your own. Without knowing your own core values, vision and mission you will end up wandering a long, winding path; which may not lead you to where you wish to be. Would you go hiking without a map or plan, in a new area with no equipment? No. You would likely get lost and potentially risk injury or pain. Take a moment to write down your vision and mission.


Think of three people you know who are excelling at what they do. An attribute they all share (guaranteed) is confidence; confidence in their abilities and beliefs in what they’re doing. Whether you’ve been involved in this health and fitness malarkey for a day or for a decade, confidence emanates from those who are successful. 

When I taught my very first spinning class, I had to lead a group of 17 avid cyclists. I was so nervous that I was unable to sit still for hours prior. I’ve never thrived in front of a group and now I had to exercise, teach (potentially scream) and motivate a group through 45 minutes of cardiovascular torture. For that first class, from somewhere within, I enlisted the help of confidence; confidence in the way I had practiced, learned the material and remembered my playlist. At the end of the class I received comments about how great it was – at which point I admitted it was the first class I had taught ever. They were shocked. Confidence was my friend that day and it allowed me to provide a great service that was geared towards the needs of those in the class.


For this one, simply refer back to the first – intention. Do you know whyyou’re working in a gym among sweaty people? If you don’t, go back and ask yourself that question again; if you do, then great! With a reason behind your actions you can truly and genuinely be enthusiastic about your work. Would you prefer to go to a café where the baristas are bored, always on their phones and unwilling to take your order? Or a café where the baristas greet you with a warm smile, inform you of the specials and even give you advice based on their personal favorite dishes? Silly question again…Of course it’s the latter! So, as a personal trainer, find the reason behind your actions (yourwhy) to be enthusiastic about what you do. Your genuine enthusiasm will help create an atmosphere that is motivating to others.

Willingness to listen

You must listen to your customers – empathetically. Without empathetic listening you may never find out what they truly desire. If you went to a hairdresser and he/she did not ask questions about the look or style haircut you wanted before chopping great chunks of hair from your head, do you think you would be satisfied with the result? No. This same principle applies to a member coming into your gym. When you don’t listen to what they want to achieve, why they want to achieve it and how they wish to achieve it, how on earth can the prospect of results be obtained?!



In the words of Dizzie Rascal, “fix up, look sharp.” Once you’ve completed the above four steps, take it up a notch by looking the part. Stand proud and be proud of you. Wear clean, hygienic and fitted attire (no, you don’t need to wear a suit to the gym) and you’ll appear professional and more approachable. 

Create and maintain this magical atmosphere: Know why you are there, have confidence in yourself and your abilities, be enthusiastic, listen to the people around you and present yourself well. By doing so consistently, you will likewise have an air of magic around you that people will yearn to be a part of; which can only set you up for success in your business.

Camilla Aryton facilitates change through increasing knowledge, self-belief and engaging in fun play with those around her to increase health and wellness. As an overweight child, she found a passion for health and fitness, which led her to the fitness profession. She has worked as a trainer and group exercise coordinator for a national chain in the UK, and earned the honor of serving as PTA Global Faculty and ViPR Master Trainer.

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