There are not many experiences in the fitness industry in Australia that are immersive and totally about making you a better coach.

There aren’t any that focus on tools, there are many that focus on science and occasionally there are some that focus on systems. But none that I have heard of in Australia or NZ actually focus on helping you in all three. Personal Training Academy Global Mentorships do exactly that.

PTAG Mentorship 1 is an introduction to advanced scientific concepts and simple systems that help you apply them. The application of these sciences works with many fitness tools. Some of the tools will help you connect with people at a much deeper level and help you discover a number of vital aspects about your client in under 10 minutes. They will also help you ascertain if your client is really enjoying your sessions, giving you a valuable tool for client retention. You’ll enter a community that focuses on fitness at more than just a superficial level.

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After you complete Mentorship 1, you’ll have the opportunity to continue learning and dive deep into motion and emotion. The two are inseparable. During Mentorship 2 you will gain access to amazing tools that let you tailor every session to meet your clients where they need to be met.

These mentorships aren’t just industry changing, they are life changing. You will walk away from the mentorships feeling inspired. The whole experience will help you in the industry but you’ll also find moments when you can relate the information to your whole life. I know that these mentorships and immersive experiences have helped me make life changing decisions.

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