Why do the Trigger Point Therapy Gastrocnemius Release?

A lot of time in the fitness industry we see a lot of ‘monkey see, monkey do’. This probably isn’t the best way to understand what… Read More >>

Trigger Point Therapy CEC courses

Myofascial Release for Tennis Elbow? Here’s The Research!

Lateral epicondylitis is a condition you may know as tennis elbow, a condition where the outer part of the elbow area becomes sore and tender. This study goes… Read More >>

Personal Training Academy

Queensland has a new fully fledged Trigger Point Therapy Master Coach

Congratulations to Josh Scott who finished his apprenticeship as a Trigger Point Therapy Master Coach! He has now completed his final assessment and has become a… Read More >>

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Newly Qualified Trigger Point Therapy Instructors in Melbourne

Hi all. I wanted to acknowledge the 16 people we had at the latest Trigger Point Therapy SELF (there’s a reason I highlighted – self) Myofascial… Read More >>

Trigger Point Ultimate 6 Course: Unlock Your Body

Personal Training Academy’s Trigger Point Performance Therapy ‘Ultimate 6’ course is catching on and for very good reason – it can give immediate results that clients… Read More >>