Our recent trip to the West Australian Fitness Industry Conference (WAFIC) was a blast. Over the course of three days, we engaged with 100 + people, in sessions ranging from our full-day Effective Movement Trainer workshop to 90-minute sessions using the TRX Rip Trainer and ViPR.

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Now – we had a ton of fun, but you’re never sure how much fun participants have unless they tell you! We’ve received a few really lovely emails, including this one from Faye Padmore:

“Hi Krista and Chaddy –

I attended your sessions and EMT workshop at WAFIC and I wanted to thank you for such a terrific amount of knowledge that you passed onto us. I went to work today for the first time and I have already used your trigger point techniques on two clients who came in tonight with some tightness in specific areas. My clients have been very interested to learn about fascia and they love the Fuzz Speech! So glad they seem to “get it”. Both the clients I showed TP (Trigger Point release) to were very grateful and told me it was just what they needed – – had I not attended your “Magic of the First Session” I may have missed those cues! They left feeling good. 
I also had a client come in and tell me she had a terrible day, and when I told her and her session partner that I was feeling inspired they said “we hope it’s catching!”. So – I abandoned my plan for the session and decided to focus on fun and lifting their mood. We did some partner work and some of JP’s and Trevor Aung Than’s fun ideas too. Thank you for giving me the confidence to stray from the norm and give my clients what THEY needed at that moment. 
The response has been fantastic and people in the gym are noticing what I am doing that looks a little unusual and unique! 
Will definitely look for you guys again at WAFIC 2014!”
I just read it again and it gives me a little lift every time to hear that we managed to give our participants practical, real information they can apply straight away.
Thanks, Faye!
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