This week, the team at Personal Training Academy participated in a team building activity at Market Lane Café in Prahran. 

We had an insightful and enjoyable morning learning all about coffee and how to brew your own coffee at home. 

Our lovely coffee professionals Jenni and Hugh, who not only source, roast and brew the wonderful tasting coffee at Market Lane, took us through some simple and effective ways of brewing coffee in your own home.  The technique I enjoyed learning about the most was the pour over/filter brew style.  The pour over or filter are one of the gentlest way to brew coffee.  Market Lane’s website features some great little videos that take you through how to brew your own coffee at home.  The wonderful team at Market Lane are so passionate and totally committed to delivering exceptional and delicious coffee.

We at Personal Training Academy are mostly all big fans of coffee but none bigger than our own Troy Fluitsma especially on a Monday before taking the popular MMA Conditioning class.  Thank Market Lane  🙂

Market Lane: Personal Training Academy


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