Last month we ran a competition for people who are looking to get started in a career in Fitness. We asked participants to tell us in 25 words or less (tough I know) why they want to become a PT. The winner would get a Certificate III in Fitness (valued at $1900) After hours of deliberating and discussions with our panel of judges, there was a winner!

The words that impressed the panel were:

“Fitness has helped me overcome my own battles with depression and anxiety and I’d love to start a fitness camp for teens with similar problems.”

They loved this response as it clearly shows how Fitness has made an impact on the author’s life and MORE importantly, how they intend to use that impact to change other peoples lives. We were pumped to provide her with a Certificate III in Fitness!

We posed a few questions to the winner Karla Abeska to learn more about her.Karla Abeska - PTAcademy

  1. What role does fitness play in your life?

In recent years fitness has become integral in helping me maintain not only a healthy body but a healthy mind.  Coming from an extremely unhealthy place just a few years ago, improving my fitness has motivated me to improve other aspects of my life as well and now I would love to help others do the same. 

What is your favourite type of workout?

I love “bang for your buck” compound exercises that work a bunch of muscle groups at the same time and get you, fitter, faster. We’re talking burpees, squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, box jumps – functional fitness workouts that make for extremely time-efficient training.

What is your favourite healthy food?

My ‘Superbowl’ – A homemade, Mexican-inspired burrito bowl packed with protein, grains and plenty of veggies. 

What is your favourite “cheat” meal?

Nothing beats a good burger and fries. Currently making way through an extensive burger bucket list – recommendations always welcome!

Who would you like to work with once you get qualified?

Ideally, Id, like to work for myself as my ultimate goal (once I complete my certificate III in fitness and continue to get my Certificate IV qualifications followed by a graduate diploma in counselling), is to establish a mind and body wellness camp for teens with disabilities and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

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