PT Academy is the only official provider of TRX education in Australia. We offer the full range of TRX training modalities from Suspension Training to RIP and Functional Training Circuit.

We are also proud to be offering the following high-quality courses and workshops provided by some of best educators in Australia. PT Academy’s Continuing Education Credits (CEC) courses will help fulfil your accreditation requirements and help you increase client demand.


CEC is an abbreviation for Continuing Education Credits. When you complete a certification as a fitness professional you are a registered member of an industry that requires the commitment to not only maintaining a standard but continuing professional development.

That’s where CECs come in. Through continuing education, whether courses, workshops, seminars (where approved), etc. you can obtain CECs and ensure you meet the requirement for CECs while developing your skills and remaining relevant to the industry.

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TRX Suspension Training

A truly functional workout in ANY location.

Whether your clients are beginners or athletes, TRX STC will give you the skills to deliver results using the TRX Suspension Trainer.


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Trigger Point Performance

Relieve muscle and joint pains, improve flexibility and range of motion through Self-myofascial release (SMR).

Practical knowledge and hands-on experience for pre and post workout foam rolling using the Award Winning GRID foam roller.

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Hyperwear SandBell®

Versatile and FUN functional training.
Grip, throw, lift, push and pull in any direction for an all-over body workout.

Great for high performance or play-type training.


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Effective Movement Training

EMT offers multiple pathways for exercise prescription and provides practical tools to assess and train the body using myofascial lines.

Make your approach to personal training simple, effective, different and fun!

The EMT Workshop holds 6 CECs.


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Behaviour Change in Exercise

Empower you with the necessary skills to be a successful Personal Trainer.

The Behaviour Change in Exercise course addresses business challenges trainers face: creating revenue, client acquisition and client retention.

The BCE Workshop holds 6 CECs.


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Open & Upcoming Courses
Write Fit - How to Engage with Readers

Learn key skills in writing that will allow you to engage your readers and keep their attention.

Keeping an audience engaged is a, important skill, whether blogging, writing content for your website or preparing an article for publication. Get the right message across with this Write Fit.


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Open Courses
Powerful Presenting

Reach your potential when it comes to building rapport, engaging your audience and  delivering your information through powerful presenting. Learn to connect to your ideal client in a way that DRIVES sales.

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This event will not only change your career — it will change your life.

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This event will not only change your career — it will change your life.

Find out more about PTA Global Mentorship