The AUSFIT Torsion Bar has become the Go-To piece of Fitness Equipment in both the Military and the Commercial Space.

The AUSFIT Torsion Bar (ATB) is more than a portable weatherproof barbell, its unique design combined with AUSFIT’s STABILITY, MOBILITY, STRENGTH (SMS) Training Concept provides an innovative training method that has become the go-to for fitness Studios and leaders in military fitness around the world.

By doing the AUSFIT Torsion Bar Coaching Course you will:Fitness Australia 6 CECs

  1. Gain an understanding of how to use the AUSFIT Torsion bar in your exercise programs.
  2. Learn how to challenge or regress your exercises using the Offset Training Methodology (OTM).
  3. Know how to change the same exercise by changing the grip on the AUSFIT Torsion Bar.
  4. Learn how to safely and effectively coach people when using the AUSFIT Torsion Bar
  5. Be exposed to an exercise library using Torsion Bar as the catalyst to create a large variety of exercise possibilities.
  6. Understand how to program for different outcomes and phases of a clients journey.

Each Torsion Bar is constructed using the highest quality grade steel and finished with a unique rust and chip-resistant polymer coating. Each bar also comes with patented anti-roll end caps.

When picking a bar, think of the kettlebell weight you would use, select the bar weight that is just below that weight.

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