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Effective Movement Training Courses for Anytime Personal Trainers

Personal Training Academy’s exclusive Effective Movement Training is a comprehensive, web-based program design tool developed by global leaders in the fitness industry: Michol Dalcourt, Bobby Cappuccio, Ian O’Dwyer, Paul Taylor, Craig Harper and Oliver Scott.

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EMT offers multiple pathways for exercise prescription and provides practical tools to assess and train the body using myofascial lines, making your approach to personal training simple, effective, different and fun. The EMT course also provides practical solutions on the key issue of client behaviour change and gives you easy access to the video library containing all EMT exercises and theory as well as sample programs to assist your client session planning.

Both online and in-person workshops are available.

Effective Movement Training features:

  • Over 80 exercises (most of which you’ve never seen)
  • Multi-media interface to help you exercise program design
  • Human Design & function
  • Comprehensive functional anatomy describing myofascial lines
  • Effective Movement principles that set the basis of exercise prescription
  • Movement screens that provide trainers with an exercise starting point
  • Biomechanical underpinning knowledge for exercise progression
  • Motor control knowledge for exercise teaching
  • Self-myofascial release with the Foam Roller
  • Mobiliser: subtle movements to increase mobility and stability
  • Exercise nutrition
  • Exercise and hormones
  • Bonus course: How To Get Clients from the Industry Leader, Bobby Cappuccio


This course was designed for fitness professionals looking to set themselves apart in the field by increasing and refining their knowledge. Effective movement training will enhance your fundamental understanding of exercise movement and in turn, benefit your clients during their workouts.


TypeOnlinePractical WorkshopBundled
Online & Workshop
Duration20-25 Hours1 day



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