AF Stretch Yourself Strong - Online

In this online course, you’ll learn how to coach and program a wide range of exciting techniques for improving mobility, strength through range of motion, injury prevention, and performance. You’ll also complete the course with a solid plan on how to implement your new skills into your business for amazing client results and real business growth.

In only 4 Weeks You will;

  • Bust the mobility and flexibility myths that are damaging the industry, as the program simply breaks down the science of what we really need to understand. It’s like having my 2 decades of experience uploaded to your brain.
  • You’ll understand why the industry is so confused about mobility and flexibility and be able to set your colleagues and clients straight. This is stuff even the apparent “experts” are getting wrong.

Gain Clarity

  • Learn simple assessments for your clients and program to what they need
  • Have a strategy for how to use a wide range of mobility techniques-even the fancy ones that score likes on socials. Except you’ll know how they fit into a program and when they become useful to create results.

Get Results

  • Know exactly how to fit this into your business. Many courses show some great techniques but you finish under of how it makes a difference to you and your business. You’ll finish knowing what to do to make a real difference.
  • Have a framework you can plug into your business to get clients amazing results and generate referrals, word of mouth clients and create new opportunities.



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Anytime Fitness Stretch Yourself Strong - ONLINE From: $ 60.00 / week for 12 weeks and a $ 297.00 deposit