Movement Coach Credentials - Online


To become a PT Academy Qualified Movement Coach, you will complete four powerful phases, each designed to provide you with a new perspective and the skills required to coach movement effectively.

PHASE ONE: Behaviour Change and Exercise.
This phase will develop your understanding of how and why people change and apply that to their exercise sessions to guide them to create the change they want.

PHASE TWO: TRX Suspension Training
This phase will develop your understanding coaching the seven major movement patterns used in exercise better. Utilising the TRX ST as the catalyst to build your skills and create better, more profound exercise techniques

PHASE THREE: Trigger Point Performance Myofascial Compression Techniques
This phase will develop your understanding how to create change  in your clients body so that they can move better during the session and recover faster after the session.

PHASE FOUR: Exercise and Stress Management
This penultimate phase will develop your understanding how much intensity your client can handle during that particular session. It will go into the detail of why knowing this is so important to create sustainable, beneficial adaptation.

PHASE FIVE: Immersive Practical Experience
In immersive practical experience designed to help you take this knowledge to the next level. That will help you take your coaching business to the next level and raise the standard of coaching in the fitness industry.

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