Power Up Personal Trainers Mentoring - Online

As a new PT or a COACH who is looking to GROW your business and boost your confidence having support from experts who CARE and who are skilled as well as connecting with other PTs is essential for kicking goals.
After certifying thousands of PTs for over 10 years we know the challenges PTs experience once they get into the industry.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Technical Skills – (First Sessions that Convert, Programming for Results)
  2. Business Skills – (Powered UP Marketing, Selling without the PUSH)
  3. Personal Development – (Activate Your Vision and Goals, PT Confidence Hack)

What includes:

FitRec Level B

  • A unique Talent Dynamics profile assessment – Learn your unique talents and gifts to leverage your business
  • A 12 month membership to PT on the Net – Receive access to the worlds largest resource centre for PT’s, Coaches and fitness professionals
  • A 12-week Power UP phase – Focuses on the three key aspects that create meaningful action in your business, including:
    • 6 x Group Power Up Webinars – on key areas including Personal Development, Business and Technical skills
    • 6 x One on One GROW Coaching – Break through any barriers to reach your goals with a one on one GROW coaching from industry experts
  • 9 x Advanced Webinars – Dive deep into topics that get to the core of change
  • 9 x Advanced Group Coaching sessions – Continue to receive high quality coaching and also connect with like-minded PTs who share your passion for growth and development


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Power Up PT Mentoring From: $ 39.00 / week for 52 weeks and a $ 199.00 deposit