Powerful Presenting For Fitness Professionals(PPFP) - 05/08/2022 9:00 am - 06/08/2022 4:00 pm

So, you’re a fitness professional who is a passionate about what they do, but when it comes to presenting or promoting yourself on the business side of things, you find yourself a bit of a loss.

You will learn to connect to your ideal client in a way that DRIVES sales.

  • Establish goals/desired outcomes of your presentation.
  • How your story connects you to your IDEAL client
  • Structure your content in an impactful way
  • Focus on the intention for authenticity and confidence.
  • Deliver presentation and submit for feedback
  • Create a “go to market” presentation to promote your business!
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Powerful Presenting for Fitness Professionals (PPFP) Course - August 5-6, Melbourne VIC $ 595.00