YBell Intro Course - Online

The YBell is a compact all-in-one piece of fitness equipment designed for endless workouts.

This 2-hour online workshop provides a compelling introduction to the YBell and the essentials for safely using the product.

Participants will be able to understand YBell movements, the importance of the various grips, the purpose behind the design and the overall benefits of training with this award-winning piece of equipment.

Learn how to design introductory YBell workouts comprised of a kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip medicine ball, and push-up stand movements from the creator and founder, Aaron “Az” Laurence, as he demonstrates how the product can and should be utilised.

Key Outcomes:

  • Introduction to YBells
  • The Importance of Grips
  • YBell Intro Exercises
  • Intro to Pod Training

If you require or would like to also purchase YBells (individual units, sets or larger orders), please email or call us for more info and for a quote ([email protected] or 1300 556 540).

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YBell Intro Online Course $ 147.00