Hi everyone – I feel I am very fortunate in this role to be able to impact positively on people’s journey through the fitness industry. I love my job! I get to meet some very passionate people in and out of the fitness industry that just want to get the population moving. (And remember – exercise is just movement – and movement is anything you enjoy!)

Recently, I have had two very humbling experiences:

1: WAFIC (the West Australian Fitness Industry Conference) in Perth. This was an amazing event organised by the good people at Australian Fitness Network (the people that organise Filex). We had the opportunity to present an Effective Movement Training workshop. It was amazing to see trainer’s philosophies and lives change in the space of just one short day! As a group, we shared knowledge, fun and even some tears of joy. This experience totally enthused me for the rest of the conference which was an amazing event. It also saw the invention of an absolutely brilliant training tool – bubbles! combine these with Balloons and it turns into play time!


The second experience that I get to share in on a regular basis is TRX Training workshops. The popularity of this tool is really starting to get noticed. I always have a great time sharing these courses with the participants. It’s great to see the TRX community growing in Australia and the number of trainers up-skilling themselves to help their clients “make their bodies their machines” is brilliant. Keep an eye out for TRX’s new training tool the TRX Rip Trainer. If you want a great tool to help get people moving with purposeful rotation and speed, then this is it.


Thank you to everyone that has attended a CEC course over the past month and a bit! Can’t wait to see you all again.

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