When deciding which avenue to take regarding Facebook marketing, two clear options come to mind: Facebook Advert Manager and Boost Post options.

Although both are useful marketing tools that aim to get your brand out there, they have differing purposes. In order to understand which option is appropriate for your business you need to understand the goal of each.


Boosting posts is a really great method to use if your goal is to increase engagement and use it as leverage to then sell. At face value, many businesses use boost posts to gain increased likes, shares and engagement on a particular photo or video that is live on their FB page. However, many use these posts as a means of inducing immediate sales. For example, many business test out 2-3 boosted posts with the same offer. They may be offering a discounted membership for 30 days or free gift with any sign up. Not only is the goal to increase engagement for this promotion, but you are looking for immediate response. So, using a call to action such as ‘comment below to claim you offer’ will not only allow you to DM them straight away with information but the comment itself boosts the post’s engagement as well. Let’s go back to why we test 2-3 posts. Images are videos can either make or break the ad. Some images work better than others at attracting your target market, so trialling up to 3 images or more for a couple of days and seeing which performs will allow you to make the most effective decision for you. Obviously, the post with the most engagement can stay on, while you deactivate the others.


FB ads on the other hand, focus more on targeting a larger scope that you may not be connected with, but show interest in the industry you are in. This method a more advanced and provides further specificity in attracting your target market for a specific purpose. For example, it allows you to select your ad objective and it will market it in way that will drive sales and/or leads through to whichever platform you choose. FB ads are generally great for long term promotion of your brand. The ads also offer the option of adding a call to action button that will take them straight to wherever you have directed the link.

Essentially, if your goal is to increase engagement through likes, shares and comments, boosting posts is your option. However, if you require a more formalised marketing approach that can expand over vast degrees of Facebook connection then FB adverts are the appropriate method. All in all, the main difference is the service each provide and whether it fulfils your needs.


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