Field & Function Personal Training are looking to recruit personal trainers who are interested in working in a functional training facility in Melbourne’s inner east.

They are familiar with the quality education and the standard of both the PT course and continuing education offered at Personal Training Academy. We are interested in welcoming personal trainers who are familiar with functional training and interested in both personal training and coaching group classes.

Field & Function is the creation of a close-knit team of personal trainers with a shared passion for functional training and healthy living. They have developed a culture and environment that is positive and welcoming with PT and group training that is both purposeful and challenging.

They are open from Monday to Saturday. The group training timetable consists of 22 group training sessions per week. With a range of classes including Functional, TRX/ Suspension, Boxing, Strength, HIIT, Mobility, The Friday Friendly, Boot Camp.

Their programming is structured around our belief in functional exercise, which is programmed purposefully in order to get your body moving the way it was designed to move. Generally they don’t refer to themselves as a gym as they don’t have any pin-loaded equipment or rows of cardio machines.

What you’ll find instead is a structured class timetable, appointment only personal training, faux grass, monkey bars, a purpose built sled run, olympic rings, squat racks, battle ropes, kettle bells, deadballs, suspension training and other functional training equipment.

Field & Function is located at 62 William St, Abbotsford.

Please email Linda Bernardi (owner, director) with your cv to:[email protected]