Fit Challenge Offer

[icon_box icon=”icon-bullhorn” icon_upload=”” animation=”scale” effect=”float” url=”” target=”_blank” title=”PT Academy is proud to announce a partnership with Fit Challenge AUS for their upcoming Melbourne event! “]

4km Run at the Beautiful Tan Track Melbourne
6 Strength Zones – Hill Sprint, Push Ups, Box Hurdles, Burpees, Sandbag Carry and Pull Ups

Location: The Melbourne event will be held at The Tan Track on Saturday the 18th April 2015
Event Classes – Men’s Beginner, Female Beginner, Men’s Advanced, Female Advanced

As a PTA graduate you will receive a 70% discount off the full price of $99.95 by using the discount code ‘PTA’ at for the upcoming event on April 18th 2015 at the Tan. You can compete for only $29.95!



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