As a fitness professional, it’s great to take opportunities to hang out with like-minded individuals and fill up on knowledge and new experience to bring back to our clients.

With so many conferences, conventions, and competitions to attend, choosing is difficult. We polled our amazing PTs on their top picks and here’s what they said.

1 FILEX – This is the mac daddy of all fitness conventions! It’s supercharged with well-known presenters from all over the world, bringing you the most up-to-date content there is! It’s also got an expo, which makes for some A-grade people-watching. There’s something for everyone from powerlifters to bodybuilders, yoga lovers, and functional fitness junkies. The energy is non-stop! Our graduates chose this as their #1! This has been held in Melbourne for the past few years due to the Sydney convention center being under construction. It returns to its old/new home in Sydney in 2017! DON’T MISS IT. There are also Western Australia and Queensland versions called WAFIC and QFIT!

2. Australian Health and Wellness Summit – this groundbreaking event brings together medical professionals and fitness professionals and the presenters are niche and high caliber. This is one for those FIT PROS who want to learn and share knowledge with medical experts to help their clients; you’ll find whole foods, fancy minimalist footwear, and cutting-edge info.

3. Women’s Health and Fitness Summit – If you train women, or ARE a woman, this event is for you. There is in-depth knowledge being delivered here into the world of female exercises through all the cycles of a woman’s life. There is a strong sense of community and fun and it’s great for socializing and connecting with leaders in this field.

4. PTA Global Mentorship – OK, this event is pretty close to our hearts, and its not for everyone, but its an opportunity for PTs to change the way they see themselves and in doing so, change the way they see their clients. It’s a two-day event that brings PTs together in a beautiful location and teaches them how to use tools to connect better to their clients and PROGRAM for long term success. There are lots of practical workouts, fun pool sessions, group dinners and memories that last a lifetime!

5. The Arnold Classic – The name says it all! This event is great for people watching and getting back in touch with one of the roots of gym culture: bodybuilding. There are also all types of unique sports on display, everything from strongmen, to fencing, to Futsal (indoor soccer) The environment is electric and filled with people who love to move and also those that like to look good. This is pure entertainment!

So lock in your events: they’ll connect and reinvigorate your passion for fitness! Maybe we’ll see you there.

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