2020 was undeniably one of the strangest years in record, with life around the world turning upside down thanks to the novel coronavirus COVID-19. After months of going in and out of quarantine, learning to manage new social distancing protocols, and finding new ways to stay busy without our regular forms of entertainment, we made it through the year and came out the other side with a wealth of knowledge to inform the future. Now, the results are in, and we’re ready to start looking forward to 2021, where we can put what we have learned about ourselves into practice. 

Virtual Training & Fitness

One of the most significant changes to come from 2020 is the shift from in-person to online and virtual meetings, socializing, and even getting fit. With seeing each other in person out of the question, Australians and people around the world have turned to their devices for some sense of normalcy. Thanks to the ready availability of smart devices and laptops, the transition from in-person to online was surprisingly smooth, with many finding that they preferred their online classes to in-person classes at the gym. 


In 2021, we are fully embracing the idea that fitness can be done anywhere, on your terms, and expect to see more people testing out virtual training and fitness classes. Even now, with the first patients receiving the vaccine, consumers are still wary of going to the gym, and many have realized that they prefer working out at home, pandemic or not. Gyms and trainers that can adapt to provide this new form of fitness training are those that are most likely to outlive the pandemic since they are ahead of the curve having already implemented virtual fitness into their business model. 


Trusted fitness names – like YBell, 2021’s Women’s Health Fitness award winner for best dumbells – have begun offering their own virtual training courses, which make it easy for everyday individuals and fitness professionals to learn directly from the biggest names in the biz. The YBell Course currently being offered via PT Academy shows you how to get an efficient, full-body workout with just a single piece of equipment, which is an excellent example of how fitness professionals are adjusting their practices to suit life at home. 



Wearable Technology

Wearable technology took off a few years ago as smartwatches and wristbands became slightly more affordable and more readily available. Capable of doing far more than just telling the time or alerting you to text messages, wearable technology is going to be a major fitness trend for 2021 thanks to advanced health and wellness tracking built-in to products like FitBit and Apple Watch.


Wearable tech can track stats like heart rate and rhythm, sleep, and even nutrition to help you stay on track with your healthy living plan. In 2021, we expect to see far more people wearing wearable technology to their training sessions, which could help to alert you to unusual heart rhythm or a lack of oxygen to help you stay strong and complete each workout safely. Wearable technology is also helping consumers to learn their baseline stats more intimately, giving them a better idea of what their version of progress might look like.

Holistic Training

Before the pandemic, most of us were ready for an amazing year full of fun, challenges, and of course plenty of fitness. What we didn’t realize was that COVID would impact our health in more ways than just physical, and would set the ball rolling for discussions regarding the link between physical and mental health. In 2021, we think you’ll begin to see holistic training programs become more readily available as people everywhere discover the importance of caring for mind, body, and spirit. 


Holistic training includes time for your mind and body to rest, and to push for greater heights. Meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness/fitness hybrid exercises will become your best friends in 2021, and you’ll discover new ways to achieve balance in your life. 

Personal Training

Finally, we’re certain that 2021 will be the year for personal training! After months on the couch with no safe way to go to the gym or congregate outside, many people are beginning to take their health into their own hands. Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever before to find fitness professionals and experts with varying and interesting opinions and to find one that matches your unique belief system. Personal training is everything going to the gym isn’t: it’s private, it’s clean, and unlike group classes, you get 100% of the attention from the instructor. 


In 2021, we’ll see more consumers than ever before taking the step to find a personal trainer that works for their unique needs, has a similar life philosophy, and is willing to guide them in a way that feels comfortable. Personal training will allow more people to find workouts that work for them, and will go hand in hand with the other anticipated fitness trends of 2021, which is poised to be an amazing year for fitness!

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