Fitness Australia 7 CECsThis course provides practical solutions for understanding and applying Anatomy, biomechanics, structural influence, technical cues and programming.

This course is completely online with online support to help guide you through the content. You will also receive ongoing support even after the course is completed. 

The online component holds 7 CECs with Fitness Australia. Course duration: 20 hours of content.

  • Client profiling, static assessment screening, Movement/postural assessment.
  • The physics of strength, torque and levers, structural anatomy and spinal mechanics.
  • The Squat: biomechanics, structural anatomy, vertical displacement, positioning and movement.
  • The Deadlift: bio-mechanics, structural anatomy, vertical displacement, grips, stance and movement.
  • Bench Press: bio-mechanics, structural anatomy, the arch, leg drive and feet.
  • Programming: Goals and focus, the SRA curve, Progressive overload, periodization and specificity. 
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