On Friday the 4th of July we held a Trigger point Therapy, Myofascial Compression Technique course. What’s exciting about this course as an instructor is that a lot of the time, it is the first time that trainers hear of the fascial network and how releasing aspects of it can help people move better.

Trigger Point Therapy MCT graduates in Melbourne
Here are newest Trigger Point Therapy MCT graduates from Melbourne. Thanks for attending and sharing your passion team.

So, back to the title question. Is getting your clients to move better important? Well surely the obvious answer is – YES.

Here’s the next question, what are you doing to facilitate better movement for your clients? If you are cueing your clients continually, or spending six to eight weeks teaching them one “essential” lift in the gym, maybe, just maybe there’s a better way.

Trigger Point Therapy MCT course, whilst not being the only method that can do this, is a powerful one, as it gives you definite programming to empower you and your clients to move better. For if you brush your teeth twice a day to maintain oral hygiene, why aren’t you doing something to help yourself move better everyday?

For course dates visit the PT Academy to find out when the course is next near you.


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