In this video with PTAG co-founder Rodney Corn, he takes his client through a session that not only meets the clients want to feel like she’s done some ‘hard’ work but also meet the needs of who she IS at that moment. This is the recipe for long-term client motivation and results.

Rod learned through a Daily Readiness Observation (otherwise known as Dr.O) that his client turned up for the session stressed, dehydrated and with a lower backache. This client still wanted to in her words ‘do some hard work’

This is where we as coaches have to be mindful that yes, our clients want to ‘feel the burn’ but to do so with the above personal parameters will lead to an increased risk of injury. So how did Rodney meet the expectations of his client whilst still helping to meet her physical and emotional needs?



He starts with an Osteo Freeing Technique (OFT) to help ‘unglue’ some of the tissue that directly related to her area of discomfort, her lower back. This is followed by a game, allowing that newly freed tissue to move in multiple directions in safe and self-selected ranges of motion.

Notice the smile and enjoyment on the client’s face, as well as Rod’s. These two components (the OFT and game) almost immediately reduced her physical and emotional stressors. Rod then gives his client a water break (increasing hydration by not only the drinking of the water but also with the movement).

Rod and his client perform the OFT followed by a game and then into a drink break twice more before they begin the Goal-Based Movement (GBM) or main work phase of the session.

Next, we witness the power of play. Rod’s client moves through play-based, loaded sets that get her heart pumping. Rod coaches by being present with his client, he’s conscious not to over-communicate or explain.

The movement recovery to finish up is interactive again. Rod and his client are both performing some mobilisers and then she is massaged on a very powerful tool, the Power Plate. You will notice that Rod again addresses the client’s point of physical concern, her lower back.

This will increase the trust she has in Rod that he is there to help her.

To learn more about Dr.O and other amazing tools check out Behaviour Change In Exercise


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