Today’s post is a guest post from PT Academy course facilitator in Sydney, Cameron Nell. 

female hormone solution

The Female Hormone Solution 

Are you a woman suffering from the aches, pain and discomfort of female hormone imbalances? 

Or – are you a trainer who wants to understand these issues so you can really help your female clients reach their goals?

We have 30 experts from all around the world lined up to talk about this hot topic during our FREE on-line event, running from February 1st – 10th.

They’ll cover the root cause of hormonal imbalances, how to reverse your symptoms of hormonal imbalance, how to get your energy back, how to improve your sleep and much more.

The experts go through a very holistic approach to healing, even going through nutritional considerations for when it comes to healing your hormones.

To become an expert in your hormones go to to save your FREE seat, and we will give you a FREE gift; The Female Hormone Solution Cookbook.

See you there!

– Cam

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