Today’s post is a guest post by Ian Blamey. Ian is a PTA graduate who has been using Trigger Point tools for a few years with his clients and has been invited to become a Trigger Point Master Coach in 2015.

Personal Training Academy alumniMy day as a movement coach is filled with helping people – naturally, all of those people come in with vastly different physical and emotional states. They have different levels of energy, different levels of motivation to move, different emotional stressors. They have different needs according to where they are emotionally, their tissues have different requirements, their movement patterns or the amounts of force that would be ideal to go through their body all vary. My Trigger Point kit is the most consistently used bunch of tools that I use with my clients regardless of where they’re at.

The person who is a little anxious to get moving and work up a sweat knows the first thing we do is help them feel better. This goes a long way to getting them mobilised and ready to give their best. Physically and emotionally. It makes them feel safe.

The person who put a lot of force through their body two days ago in a tough workout, knows we may spend more time then usual working on those parts of their body which need the love. They’re not going to cancel on me because they are worried I’m going to smash them.

The person who is ready to rock knows we might do a short check in on their movement patterns before they get into it. Maybe a couple of release points to help them get the most out of their session. They may have some Trigger Point kit at home and might have used some release techniques I previously taught them the night before to get ready for their session.

Trigger Point tools help me get my clients to where they want to get to a little sooner and with a little less discomfort. They especially feel the benefits when they then take the techniques and tools home, to work and to the field/track/pool.

If you haven’t yet integrated some of this sort of work into your sessions, I recommend you look into it!