A job as a personal trainer is hard work and requires a lot of time, energy, and effort if you plan to be a success. The first few years of a career as a personal trainer can be difficult, especially as you build your portfolio of customers and learn to draw in new work opportunities. As a personal trainer, you’ll mostly set your own rates, which means you’ll need to know the value of your skills. 

While the basic training it requires to become a personal trainer is enough to get you started, if you want to grow to new heights, you may want to consider additional and continuing education courses to beef up your resume. At PT Academy, we help our students build long, fruitful careers in fitness by providing superior training and support to our network of alumni. In addition to our basic training courses like our Certificate III & IV in fitness, we offer a range of continuing education courses that can make you more desirable to clients, and can even help you make more money!

Attract More Clients

Exercise is stressful for many people, but with the help of a trained, experienced, thoughtful professional it doesn’t have to be! Clients seek out personal trainers to give them support and provide them with knowledgeable guidance to enable them to grow and learn new tools to become happier and healthier. While the basics of personal training can help you to teach your clients, well, the basics, you won’t be able to push them further and help them to overcome unique circumstances if you haven’t learned how. 

Continuing education courses help to give you more tools that can be given to your clients, which is precisely what they want. The more knowledge you have under your belt the more equipped you will be to help clients with different needs, and the more able you will be to take on clients from unique backgrounds and bodies. Continuing education courses, like Behaviour Change in Exercise give you the tools to provide practical solutions to a huge range of clients, enabling you to accept and attract more clients to your services. More clients, more money!

Offer More Services

Continuing education courses like TRX Suspension Training teach specific skills and new trendy techniques that clients are after. Everyone likes to try something new and exciting versus doing the same old thing over and over again, so being able to offer more services will make you more marketable and allow you to charge more for your services. People will seek you out for your repertoire, specifically if you are an expert in a wide range of things. More services, more money!

Provide Special Services

Some people have special needs when it comes to their fitness, whether they have a physical difference that requires them to use revised and alternative exercises, if they are undergoing physical therapy, or simply because they have different needs than the average person. The basic certificate courses in fitness can give you the tools to teach the basics, but if you want to be able to provide special services (which can improve your salary), you will need to acquire additional training and certifications. Clients will pay more for high-quality specialty services than for the average personal training services, especially if you have the education to back up the services you offer. 

Grow and Improve

You became a personal trainer because you were in love with fitness, but with continuing education courses, you can fall in love all over again and grow what you have already created. Continuing education and the mission to never stop learning will make you more marketable and a more desirable person to work with, enabling you to grow your empire and expand your influence. With more experience and expertise, you can offer a wider range of clients a wider range of services and will know what it takes to attract and retain clients with ongoing improvements to your work.


Our Power Up Personal Trainer Mentoring program in particular can help you to take your vision to the next level. Designed to connect personal trainers with other fitness professionals to provide motivation and assistance in building your business, the Power Up program can push you to new heights beyond what you may have ever imagined. There is no limit to where your career as a personal trainer can go, and with continuing education courses, you could be there faster than you think. 

Register for any of our continuing education courses online at PT Academy today and be sure to check out our blog for more tips and advice.

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