If you’re considering becoming a personal trainer, acquiring a Certificate III in Fitness is the place to start. A fitness instructor holding a Certificate III in Fitness is qualified to work in a wide array of locations and settings, including health clubs, gyms, spas, and fitness centres where they would typically teach smaller group fitness and training classes. Holding a Certificate III qualifies you to work across Australia—and the rest of the world.

What You Will Learn

During training for Certificate III, students will learn basic human anatomy and physiology, the fundamentals of nutrition, and become familiarized with and receive training on the latest gym and fitness equipment. By the end of training, they will be able to screen and assess new clients for general and overall health condition, and be able to write various programs for every level of fitness. You’ll be able to develop specific programs for a wide variety of clients, from athletes to older adults and those recovering from injury.

How Long is the Training for a Certificate III?

Training for a Certificate III in Fitness is typically undertaken in a twelve-month period of flexible study hours intended to suit each individual. Students can gain hands-on, practical experience either at any local fitness centre of their choice or in a state-of-the-art commercial fitness centre with our Master Educators.

Training for a Certificate IV

If you already hold a Certificate III, your next step to becoming a fully qualified personal trainer is to complete the Certificate IV training. Holders of a Certificate III and IV in Fitness are fully trained and qualified to own and operate their own training business or fitness centre. Personal Trainers holding both a Certificate III and IV are also, of course, qualified to work in gyms, fitness centres, personal training studios, and more.




What You Will Learn Training for a Certificate IV

During training for a Certificate IV in Fitness, students will learn advanced functional anatomy, biomechanics and myofascial physiology, including mobilization and myofascial manipulation and release, as well as more advanced nutritional material including nutrition for personal trainers.

Students will learn how to create custom exercise programs for all types of clients and goals, like athletic, endurance, and sport training, strength conditioning and building muscle mass, and weight loss and general health and wellness. Certificate IV qualified trainers are also able to train children, older adults, and those with special needs.

Training for a Certificate IV in Fitness also means learning about motivational psychology, collaboration with other health and wellness professionals, and about how to create a Personal Trainer business from the ground up, including legal requirements and marketing.

What’s Included in training for a Certificate IV?

A Certificate IV in Fitness represents the most comprehensive and modern education in the fitness industry. Like the Certificate III course, students are given a twelve-month period of flexible study hours to pursue the necessary coursework. They’ll receive access to exclusive content, research and information from the international PT Academy community, personal access to some of the absolutely biggest names in the health and fitness industry, and guaranteed interviews with some of Australia’s top gyms and fitness centres.

During training, students will receive support from the PT Academy education team, either in person on campus, or via phone or online support options. Students also enjoy fitness instructor insurance coverage during the term of study, and all of this is offered with our flexible payment options.

What’s Required to Train for a Certificate IV?

Pre-requisite training is required to pursue a Certificate IV in Fitness. A student must have either successfully completed training for a Certificate III in Fitness or all nine Certificate III pre-requisite modules.

So, how long does it take to become a Personal Trainer?

Ultimately, it’s a matter of time management and self-discipline. Typically, a fully qualified Personal Trainer studies ten hours a week for twenty-four months—or on average, 240 hours. Much of the course material is online, so students who wish to pursue their certification more aggressively or who have more time at their disposal can complete the necessary training more quickly. If a student is in a position to study more extensively—up to around twenty hours a week—then the certification training can be accomplished in right around a year. For the truly hardcore who are able to make it their full-time activity, certification courses can be completed in six months of 40-hour weeks.

When Can I Start?

Today. PT Academy has no semesters, school terms, or enrolment dates. Prospective students complete a pre-training review and simple enrolment process and they can begin their course of study immediately. If you have any questions, you can speak to a course advisor today on 1300 556 540—we’ll be glad to help get you started on your successful Personal Trainer career!




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