Personal Training Academy is excited to offer our community an exclusive Pre-Release offer on the Infinity Health Monitoring (Bluetooth) Earphones & App (™).

The Infinity Health Monitoring Earphones & App (™) provide unprecedented health/fitness accuracy from your ears.  The data sensor technology inside the earphones leverages the natural physiology of the ear to track real-time biofeedback measurements that are blue toothed to your smartphone for display.uetooth) Earphones & App (™).


Patented sensors use non-invasive light technology to measure live blood flow on the capillaries of your ear providing unprecedented accuracy. Validated studies show our data sensors are almost as accurate as a 12 lead ECG test.

The Infinity Health Monitoring Earphones & App Provide:

• VO2 Max (highly accurate)
• Resting heart rate / Continuous heart rate / Recovery heart rate
• Energy expenditure
• Steps per minute / Cadence / Time / Distance / Pace
• Choose training mode:
• Run / Cycle / Ghost pacer / Heart rate zone / Time / Distance / Energy
• Receive voice feedback so you don’t have to look at the app
• Record all activity sessions for review
• Available for IOS/Android smartphones
• Listen to music whilst exercising / receive phone calls as well!

Pre-Release Offer: $149 ($299 at launch) Only 100 units available to pre-order: (Ships in eight weeks / pay in seven weeks)

Pre-Order TODAY!

To date, health-monitoring technologies have been limited, and no single technology has provided all the data that users want. Chest straps measure heart rate. Pedometers measure distance. Running apps measure speed and distance based on GPS, but do not work indoors. None of these widely distributed products offers a complete solution in a single, accurate, and convenient device. The Infinity Health Monitoring Earphones and App technology fills this gap.

Furthermore, other current solutions are often not sufficiently accurate in reporting key health metrics, such as VO2 max, or assessments of overall fitness/health level.  However, the essential biometrics that indicate cardiovascular health are all included in our app.

In addition, the vast majority of existing consumer-facing technologies tend to use input data that is inaccurate or inconsistent because it is adjusted to create an average that applies to the general population, and therefore, is not as precise for the individual. In contrast, our sensor technology uses continuous inputs from each individual user, not averages based on age, weight and gender.

At the core of our unique “Precision Biometric” data sensors is the ability to measure key vital signs (such as heart rate) continuously and accurately during a full range of activities without additional sensors such as a chest strap. Moreover, our Precision Biometrics work not only as accurately as a chest strap for capturing heart rate, but also works more consistently in multiple activities where chest straps fail due to aggressive chest motions, such as working out with free weights or machines at the gym. In addition, other metrics such as distance, speed, cadence and pace are captured in the same optomechanical sensor module in the earphone, removing the need for foot pods, GPS trackers, and other devices that are not always accurate with aggressive activity or in indoor settings.

Don’t miss out on this exciting world first health/fitness monitoring technology.

Pre_Order TODAY!


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