Making a success of your new career in personal training can be a challenge, but here are 3 unique things you can do NOW to give yourself the edge.


  1. Make your bed!


Yep, make your bed. I don’t even mean it metaphorically, I mean pull up the covers, fluff the pillows and straighten it all. Why? Well, a few reasons actually. Firstly, as a Career Personal Trainer, you may well be starting really early in the morning and the temptation to cut it fine and give yourself the minimum time to get to work will be strong. I’ve seen this play out with PT’s whose train/transport is late and the day gets off to a really bad start as they let down their first client, try to play catch up, haven’t had time to eat or even groom themselves. By making your bed you are consciously slowing yourself down and will intentionally then allow yourself more time to get things done so you are less hurried and arrive at the gym in a more “zen” prepared state.


But it’s actually much simpler and more significant than this. Making your bed means your day starts with accomplishment. In our crazy, hectic, uncertain world do not underestimate the power of making the first task you do in the day a success. Admiral McRaven gave a fantastic talk on this in a graduation speech to students at the University of Texas, it’s only six minutes long but he even goes as far as saying that with this simple act you can change the world!


  1. Read more books!


Warren Buffet (the world’s second richest man for decades) estimates that 80% of his time is spent reading or thinking, and advocates people read at least 500 pages a day. Oh, but he’s an investment banker, I’m a PT so it’s not the same. No you’re right it’s not – it’s probably more important for you! He’s just working with money, you’re working with the most complex thing on earth, the human body!


Ok, I’m going to let you off the hook here (a little). Read 20 pages a day. If you get the train you can finish this in your commute. If you drive you can download an app like Audible and have a book read to you. Do this and you will read 20-30 plus books this year. Rehab, anatomy, fat loss – create a reading list of the best books in the things you are wanting to focus on and by the end of the year, you will be well on your way to being an expert in that area. Knowledge is power, make a commitment to increasing yours.


  1. Listen intently!


As someone with a little life experience (well quite a lot actually) I’ve come to believe that perhaps my greatest skill is listening well. It’s like a super-power, like being able to see through walls. When you listen well you empower your client leaving them feeling heard and validated. When you listen well you pick up amazing bits of information about what is happening in your client, in your industry, in your competitors. When I was running my last business (I sold it for 7 figures by the way) I was mostly one step ahead of the competition because I kept my ears open and asked questions. Just today a couple of questions opened the way for a client to tell me what has been holding him back so now we can really get somewhere with his training.


Make your bed, read more books, listen intently – life lessons from a Navy Admiral, one of the richest men on earth, and well, me. Not only will you gain the edge in your career as a PT, but you’ll make your life a whole lot better too.


Martin Henry





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