Question: Do you ZUU?

You may have heard of ZUU recently in the world of fitness. Its reputation has grown since a session was featured on the TV show ‘The Search 4 Hurt‘.

If you haven’t heard about ZUU already, here’s a video that shows you what it’s about. It looks hard and is designed to be but it is scaleable to suit most people.

PT Academy hosted the first ZUU Master Coaches Course late in 2013. I was lucky enough to go through this experience with some very passionate fitness industry people as well as ZUU creator Nathan Helberg. Some of the trainers who were selected as Master Coaches had been using ZUU for some time now.

One of these is Vanessa Leone.  Vanessa has been using ZUU in one-on-one sessions, in group classes and in her own training and has seen amazing results. She is a 5’1 pocket rocket and made some of the stronger men on the course look like absolute beginners!

Vanessa has found ZUU to be extremely helpful in her business.

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“I have been teaching Zuu for just on two years. I was one of the first trainers in the country to be certified to teach Zuu and in this time I have grown to love it more and more. At the beginning of each class I warn new participants that the next 45 minutes might be some of the most physically demanding of their life, and sometimes it is! Zuu can push you to reach physical and mental limits that you never knew you were capable of. As soon as the class is finished and you catch your breath enough to realise what you have just done, a huge sense of accomplishment washes over everyone. Then the love affair with Zuu begins.

What makes Zuu so different from other classes and styles of training is the interaction between participants and the use of primal movement patterns. Creating an environment that is non-intimidating, group orientated and energising is the core foundation of the program. Everyone has movements they will struggle with and together we help each other and empower participants to overcome them. The sense of achievement you get when you can feel yourself improve is amazing. The movements that were created for Zuu depict primal animal patterns and use the whole body to condition, strengthen and increase your cardio-respiratory capacity.

The best part about Zuu is, you don’t know how good it is until you try it.

Vanessa is now a ZUU Master Coach and will be a big part of the first official ZUU education course in Melbourne on the 7th of March at PT Academy HQ. (Places are still available!)

Call 1300 556 540 to book your spot today. 

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