Looking For A Job As A Personal Trainer? Why Would They YOU? article image by PT Academy

What are your prospects of getting a Personal Trainer job after you become certified? Will you have the skills you need to stand out from all the other PTs in the market?


I’ll never forget my interview to become a PT at Crunch Fitness in the US. I had to sit in the HOT seat, surrounded by the region’s PT managers. Each one fired off questions at will, watching intently for any signs of weakness. Would I stumble on my words? Would I not understand the lingo? How would I react to the high pressure environment of a Crunch health club? And all of this was AFTER I had already endured a grueling practical assessment, where I was critiqued for every cuing technique and exercise selection. Talk about scary!


Well – I made it through, and not really because of my qualifications – I had only completed a weekend course to get my certification! I had been weight training since high school, which likely helped me, but I also made it because I demonstrated the key skills of determination, resilience and adaptability.


Five years later, after a few years of PT Management in the US, I found myself in the role of Regional PT Manager for Fitness First. I was the one teaching my managers how to recruit PTs. I knew what to look for. I can definitely say the interview process was a little less intimidating, but determination, resilience and adaptability were still what we were looking for.


So: why would a PT Manager or gym owner hire little old you, a brand new PT? Well, because you’re determined, resilient, adaptable and willing to LEARN! And if you are a PTA graduate, you have the proven Systems, Science and Tools to get some client results early in your career – WINS! – and then your confidence grows!


I have never met a PT Manager who cared if you have a Diploma, a Sports Science Degree, or even if you are a Dr. They care about how you interact with their members and with the team. They hire for attitude, HEART and a willingness to learn from your mistakes!


If you’re not a PTA graduate but you have all of those personality attributes and you want the tools to make yourself into the complete package, check out our CEC courses and get ready to LEAP ahead of the competition!


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