Getting certified is the first and most important aspect of starting your fitness business. You may have a passion for fitness and you may know a lot, but you can’t train anyone unless you’re fully qualified. With no qualifications to your name, do not expect clients to trust you with their health and body, let alone investing long term in your services.

In Australia the two main certifications in fitness are Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Fitness. Certificate III provides the necessary training and education to become a gym or fitness instructor. Those holding a Certificate III in Fitness are qualified to work in gyms and fitness centres, teach group fitness classes with associated training (Les Mills, Spin etc), health clubs, holistic lifestyle centres, cruise ships and spas. Personal Training Academy offers industry leading Certificate III courses: click here to find out more.

Certificate IV in Fitness will allow you to become a personal trainer. The Certificate IV course provides with you with extended knowledge of the human body and how to apply this knowledge to clients. Personal trainers are fully qualified to guide and train clients in all areas of fitness and nutrition. Certificate IV qualifies you to own and run your own personal training business as well as work in all health club fields. What is important to remember is that once you are qualified you will most likely need to run and manage your fitness business. OneFitStop provides essentials tools in order to enable your business to succeed. OneFitStop is available to you at any stage of your fitness career, from the early stage of graduating up until you have a running a fitness business.

Once you have qualified with your base certification there will be a range of progression courses that allow you to specialise in certain areas such as nutrition, lower back pain, effective movement training, TRX, obesity and diabetes, marital arts and many others. These courses will separate you from other trainers within the industry and help you to target a specific types of clients.

Getting certified by completing a high quality course from a reputable company like Personal Training Academy will allow you to land your dream job at the gym of your choice. Additionally, the quality of your qualification is going to be reflected in the results your clients achieve. At the end of the day, these results are going to be the real driving force behind expanding your business.

In Australia, as a registered exercise professional with Fitness Australia, you are required to continue your education with ongoing professional development involving obtaining 20 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) over a two-year period. Personal Training Academy offers a diverse range of CEC courses which will benefit your progression towards becoming a Fitness Professional.

Remember, a qualification is just the start to being a successful fitness professional. Stay tuned for Lesson #2 of this series which will discuss the importance of becoming known for and promoting  your skills.