TRX crew FILEXFor another year, the FILEX fitness conference and the Australian Fitness & Health Expo just took place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. (The last year in Melbourne apparently – back to Sydney next year!)

There’s so much I loved about these two events!

First off – The huge amount of enthusiasm in the air! When I was a full time PT, I used to love going to FILEX as a delegate each year. I’d learn so much over the 3 days, packing in session after session, and I’d come away with SO many new ideas – new tools, new techniques, new ways of thinking about movement, nutrition and overall wellness. It was invaluable at pumping me up and keeping my enthusiasm levels high as well as a fantastic place for networking – in fact, it’s due to connections I made over the years at FILEX that I began working with PT Academy in the first place. I just love seeing the trainers enthusiastic about what they’re learning.

Secondly – I always feel like I’m amongst my ‘tribe’ at FILEX! Everyone is in their active wear J, all the girls have some pretty solid legs on them – I don’t feel like an alien because I have some shoulder definition! It’s comforting somehow to really feel like you’re amongst other people just like you.

Thirdly – The bargains everyone picked up at the expo! This year at the TRX stand we were selling units for US prices, minus the shipping, with no conversion – serious bargains. If you need fitness gear, clothing or products of any type next year, it is the BEST time to buy: all the companies bring lots of stock over and you can be certain that they do NOT want to pack it all up again and cart it away, so Sunday afternoon is sell-sell-sell time and people got great deals.

Finally – The hilariously over the top people you can see at the expos! I feel like I’m a pretty ‘moderate’ fitness person, not too extreme in any way – but if you’d like to see what extreme looks like, have a wander over to the protein section and have a look at men with biceps bigger than your leg, CrossFit competitors pushing their limits in competitions, uber-tanned, oiled and waxed bodybuilding competitors and usually a ‘celebrity’ TV trainer or two who are often doing kinda weird things!

If you didn’t make it in 2016, come in 2017. It’ll energize and inspire you – and don’t forget to come and have a chat and maybe tap a balloon with us at the PT Academy / TRX stand! I’ll see you in 2017!



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