PT Academy is happy to announce the Swift Fitness Health and Wellness Summit in Eastern Melbourne.  The Swift Fitness Summit is a fully catered,  interactive health expo with 7 amazing wellness speakers — one of whom is our very own Chris Price, PTA’s Course Assessor & Facilitator.

No only does Chris Price contribute to Personal Training Academy’s world class education, he is a movement coach with one of Australia’s leading performance institutes: OD on Movement.

At this summit, Chris will explain we are currently in the middle of the age of immobility, with sitting taking up the majority of our day we need to find simple intelligent movements to mobilise the joints, muscles and connective tissue and up-regulate the brain and nervous system to be able to improve our health and simply feel better.

Chris will be discussing movement solutions and showing you how to create transformation through applications of a series of intelligent movements.

If you live in the Melbourne area, be sure to check it out.  Pricey’s a one of a kind trainer, educator, athlete and friend!

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