Personal Training Academy’s newest CEC offering is presenting 2 new courses this month at our Sydney and Melbourne campuses.  The Psychology of Personal Training: Why Your Clients Break Up With You & How Not To Get Dumped! is a one-day, 8 hour workshop, worth 8 CECs from Fitness Australia.  See the following dates and description for more details.
  • Melbourne Sat 22 June 9am-5pm

  • Sydney Fri 28 June 9am-5pm 

The biggest frustration for personal trainers is clients dropping out or not achieving results. Based on proven psychological research and theory, this workshop will expand your awareness of key factors that cause clients to termine training, thus limiting their ability to attain their goals and cause your client retention to drop off. This course have been developed due to an industry need to help personal trainers gain better communication skills – as we all know, if your clients don’t work out their emotional, it’s difficult for them to achieve their physical goals.

Ready to get started?  Contact our Continuing Education Coordinator, Krista, to reserve your spot in this exciting new course today at: [email protected] or +61 3 9516 8815


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