couple running

Do you have fitness and health goals for 2016? (Who doesn’t!) 


Do you have a partner you’ll be training with, a fitness buddy, a health mate, an accountability partner? If you don’t, you could be missing out! The research is in and it’s well proven that having a partner can help in MANY ways.



Check out this article, which discusses a study about training with a partner – they found having a partner to train with makes you more likely to attend – because let’s face it, sometimes the toughest part about training is just showing up! And having a fitness friend to train with made participants more likely to achieve results when they did train – in fact they DOUBLED their performance!


Another study found that if you write down a goal, tell someone and then send that someone a weekly update on how you’re going, you’re 33% more likely to achieve the goal. That is seriously powerful stuff! Why not use it to your advantage?


If you don’t have a buddy who wants to train, most gyms are happy to have you put up a notice to help find one, or if you train outdoors, try gumtree to find someone with the same schedule as you.


If you’re already a personal trainer, do you have clients who have similar goals and schedules? Why not tell them about this research and suggest they train together? They’ll be far more likely to train consistently plus they’ll likely make a new friend from it as well. It’s easier on their wallet and better for yours, too – a true win-win!


A friend can also help you achieve your learning goals. Getting through study has always been easier with friends to study with. If you’re thinking of maybe completing your Certificate III and IV in Fitness, we have a facebook group that can offer you support and advice from other students. Or better yet – sign up with a friend! You can work on the same sections at the same time and bounce ideas off each other, plus you can hold each other accountable to get assignments done on time!


You’d be crazy not to harness the power of partnership to help you conquer your 2016 goals!