If you had the good fortune to be able to talk to a successful PT, what would be the one question you’d ask? Would it be…How do you train? Do you believe in cardio for fat loss? How do you handle clients leaving? They’re all good questions, but they’re not the one I’d ask. As a recently graduated PT my question always is…How do you get new clients?

Why is this question so important – I’m glad you asked!


Although I am surrounded by successful PT’s, I have also seen other’s leave the profession disillusioned and maybe even broke. When this happens it’s often because of a lack of clients, so the first thing you want to know to make sure you’re one of the successful ones is, how do you get new clients?  Ask it of your teachers, your current PT, and any you have access to. Just because you’re a staff PT versus franchise PT doesn’t mean it’s not relevant, it just means the impact is less direct. And if you’re planning to set up your own studio, then it is critical. Convinced? Good because here is some feedback I’ve got from asking around to get you started!


  1. Be really, really good looking like Derek Zoolander.

Think I’m joking? I’m not completely. The fact is being really good looking can get you started, just look the rise of the instafitness stars. But if you’re not Derek Zoolander, then be your best version. Smile, be groomed, project neat, clean, competent. And remember, although this is about getting new clients, it’s just as important to keep those clients, and good looks won’t help there!


  1. Establish a niche.

There is something unique about you – find it, market it. It could be your weight loss journey, your recovery from catastrophe, your friendly approachable style. But it must be authentic. Don’t act a part, find out, ask around friends if you don’t know – what is it about you that is unique, then build a following around that. For me at 55 with a business and professional career behind me I try and position myself as understanding the strains of business people, the issues, the body problems and that I have exercises and programs designed specifically to address their issues. Others at the gym who have a real love of functional movement, body weight exercise, rehabilitation, bulking, fat loss all specialise in one of these. Find what you love, learn everything about it, keep learning everything about it and you will become the go-to person for that and end up with a waiting list!


  1. Be visible.

Volunteer to take sessions you don’t need to, hang around reception and greet and farewell. Get to know everyone at the club. The clients, but also the cleaners, the sales team, the other PT’s. Even the local shop-keepers. Don’t be afraid to say you want more clients, you’d be shocked at how the laid-back, don’t care, she’ll be right attitude that we Aussies are famous for loses you opportunity. I have got many clients through making it clear to the support team that I’m always available to take on a client, or help out if there is a problem. I’ve done countless sessions for trainers who’ve left when there mix-ups or whatever. For free of course. Don’t be afraid to approach club members with helpful advice (make sure it is helpful though and not an easily seen through sales attempt).


The personal training business is one of the most rewarding things you can do personally, but to make it rewarding financially you need to realise that selling is a skill you need to have and develop. Next time some tips on how “selling” can be fun when you believe in your product, and you do believe in your product don’t you…because it’s you!








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