Fun, yes FUN! Just one simple word. That’s how most people describe Hyperwear SandBells after they use them.

They let us play games, they let us load movement, they let us vary the application of force in movement, they let us improve grip strength, they let us improve shoulder stability. The physiological benefits of this tool are amazing. I like to say this tool makes us as coaches really smart without trying to be.

Guess what else you can do? You can throw them! You can throw them at the floor or other people without any worry about injury. Talk about stress relief made easy!

One of the most powerful things I have seen with this tool is the ability to change a client’s emotional state. Whether it be through a game of online pokies or tweaking one aspect of a loaded movement to incorporate a throwing movement, it’s so easy to relieve stress with SandBells. We have all seen a client come in quite distressed from a hard day. You as a good coach have laid out a fantastic fun filled, multi planar session that includes games, interaction and a well formatted goal based movement phase. But there’s one person in the group that just needs something MORE. They need some form of aggression outlet and they don’t want to be ostracised from the rest of the group. Well, when it’s their turn to get to the SandBell station, they can slam it! Throw it on the floor as hard as they can. The wonderful thing here is that once given this freedom, every time that client gets near that station they start to smile. They start to look forward to that movement, their posture improves, their outlook improves and all of a sudden rather than withdrawing from your session and just going through the motions, they are INTO it! To use an AFL vernacular, they are “up and about”.

You’ll then notice, all of a sudden, other people in the group like the idea of that movement! They want to do it too, and they don’t necessarily know it has a higher metabolic cost than the previous one you’d had at that station. So now, your clients have just coached themselves into a higher threshold, which for some clients is a great thing! Sometimes as a coach using this tool the hardest thing you’ll have to do is to pull the intensity back a bit!

This is such a powerful tool, its full potential won’t be understood until you come and do the course and play with them yourself.

Call 1300 556 540 to book yourself a place on this course. If you book saying you saw this blog, you’ll get a 15% discount off the normal price.

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