My how time flies! When my husband Dominic and I moved from New York City where we were PT Managers at Crunch Fitness in 2002 to Sydney to kick start the Fitness First Personal Training program, we had no idea where the Australian Fitness industry was headed. We knew we wanted to make an impact. Dom was the National PT Manager, and I was the NSW Regional PT Manager. We wanted to prove to the Aussie market that PT wasn’t something for the rich and famous OR for the totally clueless. We knew from our experience that PT was for every gym-goer and creating a buzzing personal Training Culture was possible with the right approach to recruitment, development and lead management. 

The culture shift did not come without its challenges. Dom is an Aussie, so he adopted a much more comfortable than me, (the loud-mouthed American from NYC). During those critical years, we met Gary Crozier, a fantastic human and top-performing PT across Fitness First gyms on the Northern Beaches. We kept running into Gary at conferences and of course FILEX where we learned about his involvement with the CHEK Institute and his passion for software. It’s odd how people’s paths cross. We had no idea that he would eventually create the world’s #1 System for running and growing a Personal Training business. 

Fast forward to 2020 the year that will go down in history and Dom and I had cemented our strategy for the coming years to focus on not only providing top-level education for PTs but also providing them with tools for financial success and longevity in the industry. Our research found the top-earning trainers continually develop themselves and provide a combination of online and in-studio or gym training. And guess what this was Pre-COVID. So, once COVID hit, and we recovered from the shock, we went back to our strategy and knew we needed a tool that could elevate our graduate’s business success and help them leverage their time. It just so happened that we’d been talking to Gary. And you know what they say, it’s all about timing.  

We are beyond excited to announce this powerful, partnership with PT Enhance! We know Gary’s background and that he had experienced first-hand all the pain points of trainers, payments, scheduling programming, marketing and websites. His experience drove him to worked tirelessly to create a solution. This incredible software that Gary and his team have spent so many years developing literally ticks every box! We know our community of PTs, graduates and gym partners will love how much their businesses grow and how much time they get back in their lives! 

The PT Academy and PT Enhance partnership is the perfect combination to provide an end to end solution for personal trainers and fitness businesses who are looking to scale their businesses. 

To learn more about how to future proof your fitness business with a scalable, systemised approach to client programming and done for you online PT Business Software click HERE!





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